With a view to cater for the educational, cultural, and economic needs of the students and staff members belonging to the religious minority communities such as Muslim, Christian, Jain and Buddhist etc. a Minority Cell was established at Thong Nokbe College in the year 2017 with an objective of empowering the minority population of the college.

1. Objectives:

(i) To provide prompt counselling to the students belonging to the minority community for any emotional emergencies arising on account of any events at the college campus.

(ii) To provide information about various government schemes/ scholarships relating to the minority students and counsel them about the process of availing of such schemes.

(iii) The Minority Cell exclusively looks after the work related to Minorities matters only.

2. Composition:

The Minority Cell of the college will consist of 5 members as follows;

(i) Head of the Institute - Chairperson

(ii) Three Teaching Members including a Convener

(iii) One non-teaching Member

50% of the Members will be from Minority Community.

3. Meeting:

The Cell as a committee will meet once in a year or whenever required. The Committee members’ names shall be displayed on the website of the College and on the Notice Board.

4. Procedure:

The Committee is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by students and staff of the minority community about any discrimination, if any, happening inside Thong Nokbe College, Dokmoka -

(i) The complaints must be in writing from the Aggrieved person of the Minority community which should be addressed to the concerned committee.

(ii) A complaint about the discrimination or harassment must specify whether the discrimination or harassment is alleged to have taken place within the college campus or outside the campus.

(iii) The complaint shall include sufficient details of the alleged act of discrimination or harassment with the details of the Complainant.

(iv) The committee has to fix the hearing date by intimating to the complainant.

(v) The Complainant and the person against whom the complaint is filed shall be called before the committee and the committee shall hear both sides in detail. The committee after hearing shall submit its recommendations to the Disciplinary Authority.

(vi) The Disciplinary authority will take appropriate action as per the recommendations of the Committee.

(vii) The complaint received by the Committee should be resolved maximum within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

5. Functions:

(i) The Cell ensures equal opportunities of education for minorities. It creates awareness among the minority students regarding various scholarships programmes of the State Government and UGC.

(ii) The Cell is committed to providing assistance to the minority students through one-to-one counselling, awareness programmes on personality development, development, communication skills and preparatory classes for professional and employment purposes etc

(iii) To look after all affairs related to the Minority community

(iv) To look after the related matters (if any) of depriving a student/staff or group of students on the basis of caste, creed, language, ethnicity.

(v) To uphold the dignity of Thong Nokbe College by addressing the concerns (if any) brought into the notice related to equality in offering or receiving education inside the college.

(vi) To eliminate discrimination, if any, against or harassment of any individual in all forms by prohibiting it and by providing preventive and protective measures to facilitate its eradication and punishments for those who indulge in any form of discrimination or harassment.

6. Penalty Clause :

If the person is found guilty against whom the complaint is filed the Disciplinary Authority of the College may impose the following penalty;

(i) Minor Penalties:

(a) Warning or,

(b) Caution, Censure or reprimand

(c) Cancellation/ Withheld Scholarship/Award/Prize/Medal.

(d) Withholding or stoppage of increment without cumulative effect.

(e) Withholding promotion for a period not exceeding one year.

(ii) Major Penalties:

(a) Demotion to a lower grade or reduction in the post or to a lower stage in a time scale of pay for a specified period or permanent reduction in rank.

(b) Suspension from Institution/Hostel.

(c) Expulsion from the College

(d) Temporary annulment from the College

(e) Termination, by way of removal, dismissal from service.

(f) Rustication from the Institution.

List of Cell Members:

Sl. No.

Name of the Member




Dr. Dhanjoy Narzary




Dr. Lutfur Rahman Choudhury

Assistant Professor



Mrs. Mili Bodo

Assistant Professor



Dr. Merilyn Killingpi

Assistant Professor



Muja Sing Timung

Library Assistant


Minutes of Minority Cell:

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 18/10/2020