It is for general information that Assam Government has already decided to open Science stream both at H.S. and Degree level at Thong Nokbe College and the necessary administrative order in this regard has already been issued. However due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, the opening of science stream  in the college has been delayed for the time being and the same will be  introduced after receiving further order from the Government.

Presently, the college offers the following programmes in Arts-

  1. Higher Secondary
  2. B.A. (Three Years Degree Course: CBCS)



Compulsory Subjects:

Two of the subjects, namely (i) English and (ii) Alternative English or MIL (Assamese/ Bodo/ Hindi) are the core subjects and are compulsory.

In addition, a candidate must select any three Elective Subjects from the list given below:-

Elective Subjects: (Choose any three subjects)

(i) Political Science (ii) Economics (iii) Education  (iv) History (v) Advance Assamese (vi) Advance Bodo (vii)Logic and Philosophy (viii) Swadesh Adhyayan*

(*Swadesh Adhyan is new subject introduced by the AHSEC vide its letter no.-AHSEC/ACA/HG/297/17/23547 dtd.15.02.2019. To objective of the subject is to give knowledge of History and Geography of our state and surroundings to the new generation students. The subject will consist of theory and project work.  Further details regarding the subject are still awaited and Thong Nokbe College will introduce it only after studying the syllabus content and availability of required teachers for the subject.)

In addition to the three elective subjects, a candidate may study a fourth elective subject as an option.

H.S. EXAMINATION SCHEDULE: Tentative schedules of H.S. Examinations are as below:

(i) H.S. 1st Year Exam:  Last Week of March. (ii) H.S. 2nd Year Exam: - Middle of February. 

  1. THREE YEARS DEGREE COURSE (B.A. Semester System):

Assam University has introduced the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) for the graduate level courses (TDC) from the last academic session, i.e. 2018-19. Since it is a new concept, the students are requested to carefully go through the syllabus before filling up their forms.

Subjects Officered at TNC: A student undergoing TDC course at  Thong Nokbe College may offer the following subjects in conformity with the combination of subjects permitted under the CBCS by the Assam University :-

  • Political Science (ii) Economics (iii) History (iv) Education (v) Logic and Philosophy (vi) Assamese (vii) English (viii) Bodo and (ix) Hindi.

From the list of the above subjects a student may offer Honours in any one of the following subjects for the 2018-19 academic session:-

(i) English (ii) Assamese (iii) History and (iv) Economics and (v) Political Science (vi) Education